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Truline is a unique toilet cubicle which offers a touch of style to any washroom

Truline Washroom Features:

• Eliminates the need for traditional pilasters
• Maximises available washroom space
• Engineered stainless steel steel pivot door system
• 30mm divisions faced with HPL (13mm SGL door and divison option also available)

  • 50mm floor clearance
  • standard height 2100mm 

On Truline the division is taken forward to create the pilaster of the toilet cubicle, this is then connected with a stainless steel headrail to complete this unique and stylish washroom cubicle. A stainless steel door stop runs the full height of the toilet cubicle, with an Optisheen true polish finish for an unconventional but impressive style.

Our BIM models for the Truline range are available now
Just email bim@interplansystems.co.uk to request yours today

Special Feature

Sketch showing partition, pilaster and door junction detail.

Truline division and door junction detail



AM269 Linen LRV 86.0
AM270 Almond LRV75.7
AM293 Lemon Yellow LRV 71.3
AM280 Sunset Gold LRV 58.9
AM290 Pale Pink LRV 58.0
AM268 Flame LRV 18.1
AM257 Thistle LRV 42.4
AM289 Magenta LRV 18.0
AM258 Heather LRV 37.7
AM283 Plum LRV 6.8
AM291 Spring LRV 69.0
AM254 Pasture LRV 56.4
AM255 Forest LRV 41.0
AM266 Citrus LRV 55.7
AM292 Eden LRV 32.0
AM250 Blue Haze
LRV 65.3
AM264 Cornflower LRV 48.1
AM284 Turquoise LRV 28.8
AM265 Sapphire LRV 19.2
AM251 Petrol LRV 17.4
AM252 Navy LRV 8.8
AM273 Diamond
LRV 62.9
AM274 Mercury LRV 43.4
AM275 Charcoal LRV 12.3
AM276 Snowstorm LRV 57.7
AM285 Dusty Muave LRV 43.6
AM287 Dusty Green LRV 35.7
AM286 Dusty Blue LRV 26.6
AM288 Dusty Grey LRV 42.0
AM277 Onyx LRV 16.1
AM267 Tungsten LRV 39.7
AM278 Light Sycamore LRV 68.4
AM282 Hessian LRV 22.8
AM272 Warm Oak LRV 34.5
AM281 Wenge LRV 13.0
AM279 Walnut

LRV 10.6

Screen Prints

Please note Ladybirds, Dinosaurs and Flags screen prints are only available in High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

AM185 Ladybird  
AM305 Dinosaurs  
AM304 Flags  
Order Samples


Truline Fittings Nov2013


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CAD Blocks

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Isometric Drawings

Truline isometric jpeg 2014

Fixing Instructions

from concept to completion