A washroom is a beautiful thing. But so is our planet. So we are pleased to say that our Veneer based products are FSC® certified.

Forests monitored and managed according to FSC® principles are committed to sustaining and renewing the life of the forest and to supporting the communities that live there. That’s important to us and to our clients. But most of all, it’s important to the world we live in.

So we’re constantly looking for new ways to reduce the impact we make. Like burning our waste offcuts to heat our factory and help reduce our use of fossil fuels - and by investing in our own biomass burner on site to ensure as much waste as possible is disposed of with zero emissions.

So far, we have completely reduced our waste to landfill by 100%. Plus we’ve even installed video conferencing technology at all our sites to allow meetings to be held without the need for travel.

Small steps, but a big reduction in our footprint.