Are you looking for some inspiration and help on the vanities of your next washroom project?

Maybe you are considering using our Solid Surface vanities or Washtroughs on your next project?

Here we have outlined some of the important benefits of using our Solid Surface.

Durable – exceptional strength, capable of withstanding general wear and tear. Composed of minerals, acrylic and natural pigments making it a very versatile solution

Easy care - hard wearing and stain resistant with most stains being easily wiped away with general cleaning products

Customisable - can be moulded and worked to create bespoke shapes and sizes with invisible seams, not only aesthetically pleasing but a solution to dirt and germ build up in joints

Restorable - can be sanded to repair any minor dents and scratches

Non-porous – it is mould and mildew resistant and will not support bacteria growth

Water resistant – no issues with stagnant water which can be a problem with traditional vanities with basins

Our Solid Surface is available in 12 different colours and we can provide underpanels/ shadowgaps in over 30 different laminate finishes to suit your washroom environment. Alternatively, if you prefer a modern floating appearance then we also offer Stainless Steel cantilever brackets.

To find out more please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team.


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Alternatively, if you would like to receive samples of our Solid Surface range these can be ordered here.