Interplan Continues to Contribute to Local Communities!

Interplan is currently working on an impressive leisure project in Blairgowrie, Perth, and our commitment to providing Community Benefits led us to engage with Wisecraft (PKAVS Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub)

At Interplan Panel Systems, we firmly believe that engaging in fulfilling hobbies can greatly contribute to good mental health, and Wisecraft stands for all the aspects we value in a dedicated Charity programme.

The remarkable team provide valuable work-related experience, encouraging creativity through arts and crafts, and nurturing confidence and self-esteem in the individuals they assist. Additionally, Wisecraft organises weekly groups to promote healthy living practices, such as Zumba classes, walking groups, and fishing clubs, all tailored to the preferences of the project attendees.

Woodworking in particular offers mental health benefits by reducing stress and anxiety, encouraging creativity and problem-solving abilities, and enhancing self-confidence. If you are searching for a fulfilling hobby that brings a sense of achievement, woodworking is a highly recommended option, and Wisecraft offers excellent opportunities in the local area.

Interplan is proud to support Wisecraft and its mission to foster a sense of community, compassion, and creativity. Wisecraft embodies the spirit of giving and self-improvement by inspiring individuals to pursue their hobbies with purpose and passion, reflecting the values respected at Interplan. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the world around us and promote mental well-being through the power of creativity and kindness.

Our warehouse operatives Craig, David and Derek have been very busy recently producing these outdoor seating options which we delivered to Wisecraft on 17th April for them to sell on at their upcoming Plant sale in May at The Walled Garden, Muirhall Road in Perth. We also delivered a batch of quality pallets for use in their woodworking area where they make items such as planters, workbenches etc.

We are hopeful that our small contributions will have a significant impact on Wisecraft, and we look forward to offering additional support in the future.

We would love for you to see the amazing work that PKAVS Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub does for the community. Kindly spare a moment to visit their website and discover more about the inspiring work they do - Wisecraft & The Walled Garden | PKAVS‚Äč