Interplan's Guide to Washroom Health & Safety

When designing your washroom, style and appearance are important, but these elements need to be combined with safety and practicality. We have picked out the top six health and safety and practicality considerations to bear in mind when specifying your commercial washroom.

Safety: One of the most, if not the most important factor to consider when starting your washroom project is the safety of its users. Safety features can range from ensuring that doors have anti-finger trap locks right through to making sure that doors can be lifted off the hinges in an emergency situation. Many of our commercial washroom cubicles have lockable doors with emergency release locks, to ensure that day to day privacy is met but in an emergency access can be gained.

Space & Accessibility: Busy environments with a high footfall will need appropriate and spacious washrooms to accommodate users of all ages and abilities. Providing adequate space for your users is important not just for safety but also for comfort and it is important to ensure that your commercial washroom environment is accessible for everyone. All of our washrooms can be supplied to comply with the latest DDA Regulations ensuring access and comfort for all.

Lighting: The colour and lighting of a commercial washroom is more important than you may think. As well as sufficient lighting for safety purposes, the Light Reflectance Values should be taken into consideration for different areas to meet with DDA regulations. You can also use materials that provide a refreshing, light and spacious environment such as ourĀ Minima glass product manufactured from toughened safety glass doors and solid grade laminate divisions.

Maintenance: As well as being a top health and safety issue, the cleanliness of commercial washrooms is an important factor in terms of user satisfaction. You may be surprised how many people are deterred by unclean or faulty facilities. Our Splash range in Solid Grade Laminate is hard wearing, durable and easy to maintain. The access of IPS Ducting should also be considered to ensure that problems can be accessed and fixed easily, with minimal disruption.

Hygiene: As well as materials that can withstand being cleaned appropriately, having the right facilities for users to ensure their hygiene is also essential. We provide a range of washroom accessories including liquid soap dispensers and hand dryers that help promote a clean environment for all.

Privacy: Of course, an integral feature of any public washroom is an appropriate level of privacy, though sometimes it can be tricky to ensure that your washroom provides both a welcoming environment and the privacy level that users require. Our Urban range is a great choice for ensuring privacy as well as creating a clean, sleek appearance. It is flush fronted and available in standard height and floor to ceiling height, offering maximum privacy.

Interplan know that washroom health and safety is paramount. With over 30 years of experience, we offer a unique combination of distinctive, original and safe solutions, all fitted by our specialist installers. For further information just contact us.