• Strong and sturdy fixtures and fittings
  • High visibility face plate with emergency release and sliding lock
  • Optional magnetic catch and internal door handle
  • Semi circular wall and division cleat with discreet safe through fixings
  • Sturdy aluminium foot ensuring rigidity

Special Features:

  • Easy supervision
  • Available in 3 material options
  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Anti-finger trap hinges
  • Available in over 30 laminate colours

Tiny Tots is available in three material options and delivers whichever material you specify.

Solid grade laminate (SGL)
13mm standard thickness with a solid core and polished black radiused edges, SGL is suitable for demanding environments where strength and/or water resistance is needed.

High pressure laminate (HPL)
18mm standard thickness moisture resistant chipboard, faced both sides with HPL. Suitable for dry areas with more intense use. 

Melamine faced chipboard (MFC)
18mm melamine faced chipboard, with 1mm matching or contrasting PVC lipping. Ideal for dry environments with light to medium use.

Indicator Bolt

Emergency release indicator bolt


Aluminium foot with sturdy design ensures rigidity

Floor clearance standard - 100mm

There are two height options for KS1:

Max Door Height- 1100mm TOC*/ 1300mm TOC*
Partition Height- 1100mm/ 1300mm; 

*TOC- Top of Curve

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Versatile and practical

At Interplan we believe the smallest people deserve our biggest attention. It’s why our freestanding Tiny Tots range is specially designed to create a sense of freedom while also being reliably safe and secure.

Available in a choice of three material types and over 30 laminate colours, Tiny Tots will meet all the demands that a modern school washroom is subject to.

It goes without saying that children’s washrooms need to be safe, easily cleaned and robust. Tiny Tots features our essential anti-finger trap hinges, adjustable pedestal legs to accommodate variable floor levels and the option of magnetic doors.

The gently rounded and radiused toilet cubicle doors and sweeping divisions can be specified in two heights – providing the flexibility for a single washroom to serve a variety of ages. When specified in solid grade laminate, Tiny Tots is also water and impact resistant.