• Solid Surface vanities, PDQ Panel & Frame and optional Mirror Box
  • Space-saving solution that enhances maximum privacy
  • Contemporary design and long- lasting materials
  • Water and impact-resistant panels when specified in SGL
  • Single user washtrough design

Special features: 

  • 4 vanity unit heights
  • The washtrough is thermoformed resulting in a stylish and easy-to-clean piece
  • Optional Mirror Box with LED lighting and additional accesories
  • Suitable for wet and dry, high-traffic areas
  • Underpanels with or without finished ends

The Superloo vanity tops are available in Solid Surface with 22 colour options to suit any style and create the desired ambiance.

The vanity underpanels and ducting panels can be manufactured in 5 material options including MFC, HPL, SGL, Real Wood Veneer, ColourCoat.

The wide range of material choices ensures best suitability for your preferences, including design and budget.

Vanity Dimensions:

Depth:           400mm

Downstand:  300mm

Heights:         Adult: 800mm
                        Junior: 750mm
                        Infant: 675mm
                        Nursery: 600mm

Max Length in one section:   3000mm

Max Ceiling Height for the panels: 3000mm

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Solid Surface

Give your washroom added strength and resilience with our stylish choice of Solid Surface finishes.

Premium Solid Surface

Elevate your vanities to a new level of luxury with our exclusive Premium Solid Surface finishes.

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With Solid Surface vanity and toilet seamlessly combined, complemented by IPS panelling for structural reinforcement and aesthetic enhancement, the Superloo is a versatile solution designed to fit seamlessly within toilet cubicles or between partition walls. This single-user unit offers privacy and convenience for individual use while prioritizing hygiene. 

The integration of Solid Surface materials not only ensures durability and longevity but also elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the Superloo. Solid Surface vanity units provide a sleek and sophisticated finish, while also offering resistance to water, stains, and damage, ensuring long-term reliability. The single user trough is expertly thermoformed to streamline maintenance and ensure optimal cleanliness, offering a hassle-free solution for busy washroom environments.

The inclusion of IPS panelling adds structural integrity to the Superloo, ensuring stability and support for the entire unit while concealing services for a minimalist appearance. This modular system allows for easy installation on site and easy access for maintenance. The PDQ Panel & Frame system arrives pre-assembled and is 50% quicker to install than a timber frame, cutting labour time and cost in half. 

For added convenience and functionality, the Superloo can be equipped with optional features such as the MirrorBox. This innovative product enhances user experience by providing integrated mirrors, along with additional amenities such as soap dispensers, paper towel holders, and hand dryers.

In summary, the Superloo excels with its space-saving design, durable construction, customizable options, and enhanced user experience. Whether in commercial, public, or institutional settings, the Superloo sets a new standard for modern washroom facilities, seamlessly blending style, functionality, and convenience.

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